Born as a daisy into no fairy tale, years of gender trouble and female misbehaviour, the queer artist is now living, loving and making movies.



Julia Fuhr Mann was born in the South of Germany in 1987. She’s currently living in Munich as a filmmaker, curator and queer-feminist activist.


Master studies in philosophy, literature and sociology at the CAU KIEL and LMU MÜNCHEN Universities with main focus on Greek ethics and modern ideas about morality and immorality.


Since 2013 she has been a student at the UNIVERSITY OF TV AND FILM MUNICH. Her cinematic education includes mentorship by Jean Perret, Nurith Aviv and Peter Zeitlinger and journalistic courses at ARD HauptstadtstudioDIE ZEITfunk and Vice.


Half of all film school students in Germany are female*, but only ten percent of big-budget movies are made by women*. In addition, the concept of genius still widely carries a male* connotation.

As a genius who is set on directing big budget movies, Julia Fuhr Mann joined forces with other filmmakers to collectively stand up for gender equality. Their organization PRO QUOTE FILM is fighting for a fair quota system within the German film business.


Julia Fuhr Mann also co-curates the program of BIMOVIE, a cult film festival screening underground and avantgarde films made by women* and dealing with female*-centric narratives .


Since 2018 she works for the video editorial of SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, an established German newspaper.