Pro Quote Film

SOCIAL SPOT – 6 MIN – 2016

The following social spot was created to introduce the initiative „Pro Quote Film“ (formerly known as „Pro Quote Regie“).

The organization was founded in 2014 to represent filmmakers in Germany who want to work in a diverse, equal and innovative film and media environment. The initiative is committed to gender equality and cooperates with broadcasters, promoters and film schools in order to increase the proportion of female* filmmakers to 50 percent.

This spot reports on the various actions that have been realized so far and it asks prominent filmmakers about their attitude towards more gender equality in the German film business.

Crew & Cast

concept & editing Julia Fuhr Mann  interviews Margrét Rún  cinematography Birgit Gudjónsdóttir, Lotta Kilian, Thorsten Alt, Sandra Schuck, Patrícia Bateira  sound Ulla Kösterke  music Chicks on Speed  sound mix Cornelia Böhm  production Pro Quote Film e.V.

with Annette Frier, Dieter Kosslick, Hjalmar Palmgren, Ula Stöckl, Manuela Schwesig, Marion Pfaus as Rigoletti


© Pro Quote Film e.V. / 2016



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