The Show Show



Cat content followed up by disturbing war images. Social media in a nutshell. But how does the constant juxtaposition of mind candy and political coverage affect its users? Proceeding from this question Julia Fuhr Mann and her co-director Susanne Steinmaßl created the short film „The Show Show“. It’s a hybrid between fiction and documentary, approaching the phenomenon of digital media. The film was shot as part of their studies at the University of TV and Film Munich.


A bright yellow room. On the inside, a smart showmaster philosophizing about digital media.

The guests: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
The hurried browsing of pictures on the internet encourages the superficial gaze. We want information, in handy portions and rapidly consumable. Do the really important issues disappear amidst the cat videos, selfies and sensational news?
The showmaster’s sometimes profound, sometimes absurd one man show is interrupted time and again by documentary images from the Ukraine. A country in a state of war – the footage, however, shows calm streets and peaceful squares. Only for the show?

Crew & Cast

written & directed by Julia Fuhr Mann, Susanne Steinmaßl  director of photography Georg Nikolaus  script Severin Schenkel, Heiner Hendrix  on-set recording Daniel Bärschneider  music Angela Aux  animation Karim Dabbeche  editing Susanne Steinmaßl, Julia Fuhr Mann  producer Susanne Steinmaßl  executive producer Maximilian Bungarten

with Manuel Löwensberg


© Output Syndicate / University of TV and Film Munich / 2016




2016, Moscow International Experimental Film Festival – Official Selection
2016, Seekult Festival, Friedrichshafen – Official Selection
2016, Kunstverein München – Jahresgaben
2017, Clermont-Ferrand – Short Film Market
2017, Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg – Official Selection
2017, KINO DER KUNST – Official Selection
2017, Panama Plus – Official Selection
2017, Filmreihe „Informiert, vernetzt, überwacht – Digitalisierung heute“
2017, Videodox – Nominierung Förderpreis